Summer at Shell Cottage - Lucy Diamond

Well this is another book I'm glad I stumbled upon while browsing Amazon for new books! It is safe to say that I will definitely be picking up more books by Lucy Diamond!


This book was great! A great summer read (but I could read it at any time of the year!).

This story follows the lives of Olivia Tarrant and her family (daughter, son and their families) as they come to terms with the death of Alec, Olivia's famous author husband. However during their summer trip to Shell Cottage in Devon, many cracks appear within the families, revealing many secrets that each family member has been keeping. 


This book was soooooo unbelievably gripping, a new secret was thrown into the mix every few chapters and it really really kept you guessing. What you thought was going to happen, didn't! I could hardly put the book down, and read it in about 3 days.


The plot was great, the places well described, the characters really likeable, and all in all it was just a great book that I know I will happily pick up again some point in the future!


Top marks from me, such a great book!


Now I'm off to buy another Lucy Diamond book!