Christmas Gifts at the Beach Cafe - Lucy Diamond

A year on from Christmas at the Beach Cafe, Christmas Gifts at the Beach Cafe reunites us with Evie and Ed at their Cornwall beach cafe. But is this Christmas going to be the romantic one with Ed that Evie really hopes for?


With Evie’s sister having just divorced her husband, Evie invites Ruth down to Cornwall for Christmas in an attempt to cheer her up. But the relationship between Evie and Ruth is far from perfect. And then after the death of Ed’s father, Ed decides he needs to spend Christmas in London with his mum. But nothing turns out the way it should for Evie when a lost dog turns up and Evie collapses while judging the local bake off competition. But what is wrong with Evie, and will Ed come back to help Evie save Christmas?


Christmas Gifts at the Beach Cafe was another great short book from Lucy Diamond and I couldn’t stop reading it once I’d started. With the ending of the novella I really really really hope we get another full length Beach Cafe book from Lucy Diamond as I am desperate to know what is going to happen next in the lives of Evie and Ed!


My only problem with the book was it was too short! I want more! Please!